John Benacre
John Benacre was born in the suburbs of London and raised in Kent, England. He served for thirty-five years in the British Army, most of which were spent on counter-terrorist duties, and he has visited over forty countries on six different continents. He lived in seven of those countries for two or three years at a time, including two years spent in West Berlin in the late '70s and more than eleven in Northern Ireland, and much of his writing is based on the times, places, people and experiences he collected along the way. He is married to Pauline, an American, and has three adult children.
Military Service
John joined the British Army in 1974 and retired in 2010. During that time he served in every rank from Private soldier in the Parachute Regiment to Lieutenant Colonel in the Intelligence Corps. He earned a number of Honours and Awards, including the MBE, a QGM, an Australian award and the QCVS twice. His last deployed tour of duty was in Afghanistan in 2009.
Writing Style
For thirty-five years John’s writing was constrained by the nature of his reports and the principles of service writing: Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity. But now he is able to close his eyes, picture a scene worthy of description, and write once more for pleasure. In his own words he is keen to “paint a vivid picture, create a sense of time, place and texture, and then craft strong and believable characters to tell the story.” In answer to questions about his candid treatment of sex, he says that in any testosterone-charged arena of human activity – such as armed conflict, politics, sport or crime – sex often proves the Achilles Heel of many otherwise powerful men and women. Sexuality is a weapon carried by all adults and without a permit, and so it is often wielded to tremendous effect. In addition to which, Benacre adds with a smile... it's great fun to write and exciting to read.

John is inspired by people. People of integrity, people with talent, modest people with courage and who try to make a difference; and by good over evil, a beautifully-turned phrase, music and nature.

Hobbies and Interests
These days John writes, walks, jogs, swims and plays golf, and he enjoys reading, music and film. His main interests though surround his wife, family and friends. In the past he has tried most sports, but his twin passions were rugby union, which he played for over thirty years, and athletics (he was the Kent Junior 100m Champion). He is a freefall parachutist and a PADI-qualified Rescue Diver.
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